Sep 28, 2007

Seen on the Blogosphere

If y'all haven't ever read the Daily Mail, you should for your laugh a day. A crazy woman named Sally Ann Voak claims that fat people can't ever be happy: "In all my years of helping overweight people to slim, I have never met a happy fat person. There is no such thing - nobody likes looking in the mirror and seeing a fat body."

It must be nice to be so perfect, Sally Ann. On that same page there's a link to an article about the Sex in the City movie shoot, claiming the women are feuding. I didn't read it, but I sure liked the purty pixtures. Looks like Sam and her friends are up to the same old things. Er, aren't these women getting a little long in the tooth to be playing single 30 somethings?

Last, my blogging friend Big Fella got linked in USA Today. His post about Bush's reliance on phonetic spelling while he reads his speeches is a hoot. Congratulations, Big Fella!


Anonymous said...

I don't even know what to write about Sally Ann's article. It must be nice to be so perfect (and so thin). Well, I have to go see my shrink now and then curl up in bed and not dare look in the mirror. I am not a size 2 (or a 4 or a 6 for that matter), which evidently makes me an unhappy, miserable woman.

And did you see the comments people made. I was sure they were all going to call her a hoity-toity bit.. But I was wrong, they are in agreement with her.

cb said...

I couldn't even finish reading that terrible article by that unpleasant woman.

It's also weird to me that she said that her "success" Caroline was a slim size 12. is that the same as a size 12 in the states? because - hell's bells - people here seem to think anything in double digit sizes is monstrous.

Hrmph. for people with real eating disorders and food issues, articles like these are kind of devastating.


Anonymous said...

How ridiculous. So....I guess that means, by deduction, that all thin people are happy? Maybe we should ask Karen Carpenter.