Sep 6, 2007

Ode to Tim and Veronica

Oh, Bravo, how could I have doubted thee? You, inventor of Project Runway and believer in fashion, created a show worthy of our wonderful Tim. You paired him with Veronica Webb. That was sheer genius.

And then you let wit and fashion fly. Be still my beating heart. Finally a show worthy of pre-Project Runway jitters. Here are some samples of statements we can look forward to for weeks to come:

"That rut is so deep it’s like magma down there."

"[Her wardrobe is] so egregiously bad, that things can only improve."
"I'm feeling woeful."
"This is a whole lot of nasty."

Rebecca, the lingerie expert, to Rebecca Pennino, wearer of a whole lot of nasty:
"She’s got a great body; and a great ass."
"Thank you Rebecca."
"You’re welcome, Rebecca."

At the Hair Salon:
"You've got a shade of orange here that doesn't happen in nature."

"Everything about fashion is about silhouette, proportion and fit."

Bravo! Brava, Tim!! And hurrah. This show leaves me feeling verklempt, and I adore you. Oh, and yeah, the women DO wind up looking more stylish.

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cb said...

I admit to being a total fashion Don't. i have no idea how to dress myself well. I have Issues.
so this show is like a gift from heaven. I would be a perfect candidate, actually, for this show.

I'm actually LEARNING a lot from this - it isn't just cackling over tacky poorly-dressed women! And I also like that they aren't "deserving" women - no one with breast cancer, or who lost her house in a flood, or any of that bullshit (sorry. it's tragic. i feel bad. but the average woman isn't one whose house has been destroyed and who suffers from some strange blood disease).

anyway: i am loving this show. tim gunn makes me feel good about myself, which - let's face it - no one else on TV ever has (not since Mr Rogers, that is), and he gives me hope.

i'm gonna end up weeping over this show, because of the inspiration it gives me (not because of the woman who gets made over).

yeah. i need Tim Gunn to do this for me. with me. I'll throw out everything in my closet, Tim! just...HELP ME!

Melina said...

Becca and I went to college together, and I thought that her style pre-makeover was fine it just wasn't tailored or sophisticated. I'm glad that throughout the make-over the average viewer got to see what a sweet and awesome woman she is. She'd give you the shirt off her back, even if it wasn't the cutest thing in the closet.

Anonymous said...

I fell asleep before it began! Mew! Thank God Bravo is the rerun king of the world.

BigAssBelle said...

i missed it!! have it on record now. can't wait. i love tim!!

the gay boys didn't like it so much. glad to see that you did.

trixie said...

I'm more in line with this review: