Sep 30, 2007


Monday's Mute Theme is Family. Enjoy.

Tarzan's family
Von Trapp Family
Cleaver Family

Jetson Family
Adams Family
Sly and the Family Stone
Simpson Family
Trophy Family


Vixen said...

Hmm....I like what you did w/ the theme!


Anonymous said...

Fantastic! Love the Tarzans, and of course my favorites...The Adams, great MM!

Bunny said...

Great take on family! Happy MM!

ArtfulSub said...

It was never clear to me that Tarzan, Jane, and Boy WERE a family. Great stuff.

Happy Mute Monday.

Rebicmel said...

I love your choices of family here!!

Happy Mute Monday

Java Junkie said...

Great take on the theme, Vic! Love it!

Big Fella said...

Trophy Family?!?!? The four xwords that come to my mind are: "Hair Club For Men"

BigAssBelle said...

i simply cannot imagine donald trump on top of me. would that hair fall down and slap me in the face? what? what's with that icky thing on his head? ugh.

i'm sorry to speak to plainly on your very proper blog, but i can think of nothing else when i see that man.

~d said...

(love how you threw in Sly and the Family Stone!)

I wanted to say something about the pic of Donald and Melania. But I can't think of anything funny.

Marius said...

Great pics! I always enjoy your Mute Monday posts.

Kiki said...

Love the pics! I totally forgot about the Addams family! Happy MM