Sep 16, 2007

Is Britney Fat?

Frankly, I don't think so. She looks like a normal sized woman to me. Now, was that outfit a smart choice for a televised event designed to attract one of the world's most body-obsessed audiences (translate kids and young adults and peers in the entertainment industry)? No.

Did Britney generate publicity? You betcha. Did the negative vibes hurt record sales? Apparently not. According to E.T. Weekly her record is selling.

So, who's laughing now?


Marius said...

Thank you, Ms. Place, for posting this. Britney may be a lot of things, but she is not fat. Sure, she lacks good taste. Ok, that's a reasonable observation. I am shocked that people think she's fat. She actually looks healthy. In fact, she'd probably look amazing after a good night's sleep and Tim Gunn's magic touch.

Marius said...

Also, thanks for the link. :)

jinxy said...

She is not FAT... but that performance... if you can call it that. She was too lazy to try and even suck up her gut. And wearing that outfit it should have been something she kept on her mind.

So no, not really fat... but definitely uncontestedly TACKY!!!

ArtfulSub said...

Not really, but if enough people SAY she's fat, it's possible that unneeded cosmetic surgery will be the next station of her ongoing train-wreck.

So, Britney, if you're reading:

1) Eyes look puffy.
2) Neck looks wrinkled.
3) Boobs 4 sizes too small.
4) WAY too many ribs.
5) Huge belly.
6) Hippo Hips.
7) Those ankles! Yech!

Ross said...

She isn't fat at all. Just a bad wardrobe choice that failed to accentuate the hott parts of her body.

My wife told me that she was originally supposed to wear a corset? Would have been a better decision.

Anonymous said...

I wish I was that "fat"