Sep 24, 2007


These are some of my favorite rides from my travels. Click on lavender words:

Paris metro rides

Ride up the Eiffel Tower

Japanese bullet train (shinkansen) ride from Tokyo to Kyoto, past Mt. Fuji

Train/Gondola ride up Mount Pilatus, Switzerland

Sights along the road on the ride to Kandy, Sri Lanka (missing are the elephants, cattle, and water buffalo)

Maglev Train, 6 minute, 300 mph ride from Shanghai to Pudong Airport

Ride down Lombard Street, San Francisco

Ride on the Chain of Craters Road Through Volcanoes National Park, Hawaii

Car ride for 12 miles on 90 mile beach, North Island, New Zealand. Here's a 19 second clip of motorcycles. Awesome.

Helicopter ride over Fox Glacier, South Island, New Zealand

Balloon ride to watch the sun rise, Virginia

Train ride up Victoria Peak, Hong Kong

Glider ride, Vermont
Riding in a sea kayak through a forest of kelp in Monterrey Bay, past rafts of sea otters and curious seals.

We were able to view these active, curious creatures up close.

Disclaimer, except for the first two photos, none of the pix or videos are mine.


Aunty Belle said...

Oh mah gracious---hoo-whee...when's yore next trip an' does ya want a travel buddy?

SeaRabbit said...

Such beautiful view here...;-)
Happy Mute Monday!

ArtfulSub said...

Beautiful pics! Dang, you've been everywhere.

Vixen said...

Wow. Those are gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

WOW! Would love to see all those first hand. Happy MM!

Bunny said...

Wonderful ride choices! Ditto to Art: You've been everywhere! Happy Mute Monday!

she said...

wow! these are great! i watched a youtube of that super fast train..guess ya had to be there. grrrherhaha. lovely photos...what a wonderful travelogue! happy MM

(btw i have another trout ride in the city this time at sparring k9's site)

~d said...

Your pics are sooo beautiful!
What wonderful stories I am sure you must have to go with them!
Happy MM!

Joana said...

Awesome and beautiful pictures. Now I really want to go on a trip somewhere. I didn't get to do any traveling this summer sadly. ;_;

Happy MM!!