Sep 11, 2007

Top Chef 3: Who goes next?

Notice the question, eager readers: Who should go next? Not: Who will go next? Who, in your opinion, just doesn't cut the mustard?

Which cheftestant should go next?
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BigAssBelle said...

it's funny that i don't have any great urge to see any of them win. usually i've got a fave. not so much with this crew.

ArtfulSub said...

We only get to pick ONE that deserves to go? That's tough.

I sure hope they don't ruin the finals again by forcing the final two to again rely on fallen contestants as "sous chefs".

Worked out badly in Season One. Worked TERRIBLY in Season Two. But, bravo being bravo, they'll probably stick to that LAME BORING STUPID format.

cb said...

i have no REALLY strong feelings anymore - the discovery of what kind of person brian's wife is really just decimated him in my opinion - but I would like to see Dale win. just because i like dale. and, you know: he's here, he's queer! and i like his sense of humor. sort of.

Lauren said...

Now I'm curious, what kind of person is Brian's wife? I haven't heard this gossip yet.

ArtfulSub said...

Brian's wife? There was something somewhere that indicated they were "swingers" or something, right?

Anyhay, now I'm sort of curious.

Marius said...

LOL. Cb, now you have to blog about Brian and his wife. Anyway, I'm rooting for Hung.