Sep 22, 2007

Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations in New Zealand

Here are five clips of Anthony Bourdain in New Zealand. Together, they comprise one No Reservations episode from Season 1. Caution: The scene of hunting the wild boar, killing it, and preparing it for dinner is rough. I had a hard time watching it. However, if you want a glimpse of New Zealand and Kiwi life, this is a good approximation. Yes. The scenery is THAT fantastic and varied. Total viewing time of all five videos is around one hour. Click here to watch.

Click here for an article about his talk in New Zealand titled Vegetarians are Too Sick to Fight Back, in which he disses vegetarians, Jamie Oliver, and Americans who won't eat local cuisine. Hah!

The photo is of Anthony in Paris, also a Season 1 episode.


Doralong said...

Yet another reason I love that man to bits.. The show just needs a sidekick, ME!

Anonymous said...

I like No Reservations, but making fun of vegetarians just seems like too easy of a cheap shot. I thought better of AB. He says he is respectful when served food; and will eat pretty much anything, but what if he were in a Hindu home or Seventh Day Adventist household? Would he call his hosts "weak" and "sick" then?

He complains vegetarians don't confront him when he speaks in public. Maybe they have better things to do than debate someone who insults their choices.

What's his beef with Jamie Oliver? In this article, AB doesn't give any reasons for disliking him, he just calls JO rude names.

Ms. Place said...

I think you've hit on why Anthony is so popular, Anon. His statements are outrageously polarizing and often so politically incorrect that I think his fans are secretly thrilled with his blunt observations.

Personally I find many of the statements he makes offensive, but I like the fact that he feels comfortable giving his opinions, most of which are outrageously tongue in cheek, in a PC world.

Anonymous said...

I 2nd that, Ms. Place. Think you hit the nail on the head.

Can't wait to see the new episode on Monday.

When I watch NR, I feel like I've actually gone there! LOL. The way I LIKE to travel. The seedy back streets and local dives.

Did anyone else really enjoy seeing Tony do American cities? I thought that was great.