Sep 19, 2007

Paris One Year Ago Today

Our last morning in Le Marais, Paris promised to be beautiful. I looked out of our hotel window and saw the sun begin to rise, and set out for one last walk...

Crossing the Seine to the Ile de la Cite

and its wonderful banks,
and elegant Parisian apartments.

The sun bathed the trees in gold,

downspouts awaited a rainfall,

doorways beckoned to be pushed open,

benches devoid of tourists sighed in relief,

and the first signs of autumn littered the cobblestoned streets.

I felt all alone in Paris,

and drunk in the sights,

moving silently past early commuters,

and closed shops,

and cafes.

Reluctantly I returned to our hotel to pack. In two hours we were at the airport waiting for our return flight. I miss Paris. Je t'aime Paris.


jinxy said...

I have been so homesick for Luxembourg Amsterdam and Paris lately too. I think it's this time of year. It was always so gorgeous and pleasant.


BigAssBelle said...

oh ms place ~ that 2d photo, the benches, the cobblestones . . . the light. i so so so so SO want to go to paris. these are beautiful. thank you for sharing them.

BML said...

I loved Paris when I was there in April...I do plan to go again sometime soon -- it would be a shame not too!!

delphine said...

*sigh* I can't wait to get back to Paris and France. I want to find a way to spend at least a summer living in Paris, maybe I could do a year between undergrad and grad school. hmm... I wish someone would pay me to live there :)

Anonymous said...

Just spectacular. (sigh)