Sep 18, 2007

2007 Emmy Gowns: The 'Best' Awards

This year the gowns looked glamorous. There were no major faux pas. I wish the stars would stop using professional dressers and go back to the days of making major boo boos. Thank Gawd for a few minor blunders, or I might have fallen asleep. And where was Joan Rivers this year?

Marcia Cross: The Best 'I Shoulda Listened to Tim Gunn About Cut and Fit' Award

Rebecca Romijn: The Best 'I Look Just Like My Mother' Award

Jenna Fischer: The Best Pollyanna Bow Award

Kimberly Caldwell: The Best Jaime Pressley Disquise Award

Jamie Lynn Sigler: The Best Bling Bling Award

Hayden Pannettieri: The Best Old Looking Pregnant Spinster Award

Kristen Bell: The Best 'Color Me Cute' Award

Vanessa Williams: The Best 'I Killed All the Ostriches in Australia For this Dress' Award

Glen Close: I Shoulda Taken A Page from Helen Mirren's and Sally Field's Hairdos Award

Sallie Field: The Best I 'Shoulda Cut Out the Effin' F*ck Outta My Speech' Award

Helen Mirren: The Best Dress for a Woman of a Certain Age Award

Heidi Klum: The Best Heidi Klum in Disguise Award

Aida Turturro: The Best Diva Award

Elizabeth Perkins: The Best 'I Shoulda Worn That Little Black Dress' Award

Ali Larter: The Best Hero-ine Award
Ellen and Portia: The Best Looking Couple Award

Ellen Pompeo: The Best Jackie Oh-No! Award


ArtfulSub said...

Another Hollyweird Awards show happened? Take the Troll Poll!

cb said...

you know....i don't know who most of these women are.

but i can see they have crappy fashion and bad hairdos.

can we have 1940s Hollywood again please?

Kate said...

yikes to Elizabeth Perkins dress and what was Ellen thinking with that do!?!?!?!?

Marcia Cross really looks great for just having twins (although I agree she could have gotten a dress that fit her better!)I was in a moomoo for years after my twins! lmao

I didnt see the show so it was nice to get a dress recap here! thanks! =]

she said...

dear God glenn close looks even scarier than she did in whatever that stalker movie was....IM NOT GOING TO BE IGNORED

sally field: STFU award.

shes obviously never seen a lesbian break up. i have. it makes amadinijhads threats look like blown kisses. Nuk - u - lar melt down. including chopping down all the trees in the former lovers yard. i know. i had a front row seat. im not buying thery'd be no violence with women in charge.

i dont know who half these people are...YAY things are lookin up!

i agree....ditch the stylists...hell i could get em dressed better'n that....

the last hairdo...very wrong. very very wrong.

fun post.

BML said...

Yea, Marcia Cross really could have picked a more flattering gown!

Poor Sally...

Linda Merrill said...

I thought Hayden P. looked adorable - you have to be her age to wear something like that.

Sally Field looked great - but has never been good at speeches.

BigAssBelle said...

haha!! the picking apart his funny to watch, and then i think "hmmm . . . what would i wear?"

it's odd, too, that a simple black dress on one woman is decried as boring, while essentially the same dress on another is considered the height of fashion. i think it's pretty much make it up as you go with the red carpet critics.