Sep 21, 2007

Lo Rise Pants

Y'all know I'm a Sartorialist afficionado. This man finds fashion on the street and shares it with the world. Usually his eye is uncanny, but here's a photo that describes just why I am beginning to hate low rise pants on women.

The woman in the above pix is beautiful in a healthy, American way. She has a great figure, I'm sure. I can't really tell, being fixated on the bulge created above her low rise jeans. The outfit creates and accentuates flaws that would normally remain hidden by a more flattering waistline.

This woman is also unkindly served by lo rise.

As is this woman. Does she know what has happened?

Is she doing it on purpose?

Does she really care?

She should. These young women have placed themselves in the same category as tradesmen who have been the BUTT of jokes for years.

Know who helped to start the trend? Hahahahahahah!

I hate to burst your bubble, but most of you low rise afficionados don't look like these women.

You probably look like this young lady, a normal sized woman who has created unsightly bulges.

And if this tight, ill-fitting outfit is a fine look for you, well, dahlings, there's nothing more to be said.

So what look DO I like? I'm a conservative gal, so I like classic cut, fit, and style.

Oh, you want to know what I like in pants. Here goes. Jennifer Anniston wears two kinds in this set of photos. I like both looks.


Doralong said...

I think the term is tasteless.. trashy however works quite as well. Percentage wise, let's face it only about 10% of the population can wear them, and I'm sorry even on a near perfect body it's still just rather crass.

This is one trend I have prayed would finally go away!

cb said...

you have just explained why my one and only pair of low-rise jeans (which i bought since they are "stylish") looks awful.

they're really uncomfortable, too.

those jeans: now going in the GIVEAWAY pile. i'll got some solid old boring old regular waist, bootcut jeans to replace them. ones that fit, and don't give me more of a muffintop than i already have ;)

Big Fella said...

I so do not want to see anhyone's butt crack, male or female, these people are CLUELESS.

Here is another example of a tacky, tacky, tacky trainwreck and her butt:

Linda Merrill said...

Amen sisters! Doralong - I bet it's less than 10% who look good. Britney, Lindsay Lohan - they managed to wear this style well (not that they do much of anything well, but you know what I mean). I have been amazed at mothers of middle and h.s. girls allowing their average to chubby daughters out in this look. Not only is it cheap, it's so unflattering! I teach flute lessons to elem -h.s. age girls and I was so sick of seeing their bellies. And even worse - attend a high school choral or band concert. The boys are wearing tuxes and the girls are wearing belly baring low rise black pants and black tops. What is up with that?? And their parents are sitting their in the audience applauding them? My parents would have been horrified. So glad that even tho the rise is still low, the kids are wearing long shirts again.

Anonymous said...

women are flowers
"every night is a long time to wait until eternity" - the flesheaters