Nov 4, 2006

Why not Grace...?

I love Grace Kelly. Watching her breeze into James Stewart's apartment in Rear Window always takes my breath away. I wanted to emulate her perfectly modulated voice, graceful movements, and cool, sophisticated sexiness.

Those 50's dresses with their tight bodices and petticoated skirts--the perky hats and elegant gloves-- screamed femininity. And on her they looked perfect. In her heyday, Grace usually played the independent (albeit rich) working woman.

So why is she not mentioned these days as a fashion icon along with her contemporary, Audrey Hepburn?

After Grace married her prince, she committed the biggest fashion faux pax of them all. She allowed herself to become stodgy and matronly. Here's a comparison of Grace and Audrey in the 60's. Ever fashion forward, Audrey never stopped being fabulous. Towards the end of her life, Grace was wearing muumuus and turbans.


Lisette said...

If happiness is the best revenge... maybe I would rather be Grace but I still want Audrey's clothes. I always fantasized about being Liz Taylor. Giant, Butterfield 8, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof unfortunately I've started to look like her alright but it is the moo-moo wearing, Michael Jackson's friend version!

Ms. Place said...

La Liz. So fabulous. We love her because she was both sloppy and beautiful--not off putting at all. She was a GIRLFRIEND and loyal to a fault.

You have to admire a woman like that.

Too bad she couldn't preserve that extraordinary beauty, but she got what she truly wanted: a loving family. Her kids seem so natural and unaffected. Awesome.

jinxy said...

I just want it all...
I want to be Audrey when I'm shopping,
Marilyn when I'm looking for a fella,
Grace Kelly when I get married,
and Sohpia Loren when I get old.

Not a lot...

Ms. Place said...

Oh, but, Jinxy, we women do deserve it all. It doesn't hurt to go for it, as long as we don't step over others to get there!