Nov 1, 2006

One fabulous woman

Laura Bennet, my favorite runner up from Project Runway 3, was interviewed by Jill Hudson Neal for the Washington Post on October 31. Here are two of my favorite Laura quotes from the article:

"I'm also into quality as opposed to quantity. I'd rather wear four dresses over and over again than to have ten dresses that aren't made as nicely and don't fit as well. Don't worry that someone's going to say, "Didn't you wear that last week?" Well, yeah, I did actually. What's the big deal?"

"I want to keep encouraging women to take the time to take care of themselves and spend a few extra minutes on themselves in the mornings and see if it doesn't benefit their families by boosting their own self-esteem and nourishing their own souls."


eric3000 said...

Yeah, that's very European isn't it? Much better to have a few fabulous outfits than to have closets full of trash like most Americans. I forget who it was who said that every shopgirl in Paris dresses better than most millionaires in America because she spends all her money on one good dress. I wish I could get into that mentality. I have too much crappy clothing.

Ms. Place said...

Yeah, my family is first generation American. All my European relatives, male or female, wear fabulously expensive clothes--the same three outfits over and over.

They can't understand the American sensibility of "We'll toss it out after one season."

Lisette said...

I've started looking at my sewing this way. Frankly, I can do a lot of things that look "quick and easy" or take the time to make a jacket that fits great and looks divine!

Gorgeous Things said...

Ah, I suffer from the opposite problem. Not because I'm a clothes-a-holic, but because I sew and design, and I'm always making something new to try out new techniques. I actually woke up in the middle of the night last night thinking, "There is no way I will sew through the fabric in my stash before I die." And I'm not old!

What's a creative type to do?????