Nov 1, 2006


Last year when my German girlfriend came to visit she glanced at our local Ikea store as we drove by and sniffed, "That's so over."

At that moment I knew Ikea had crossed the line from trendy to mainstream. Comments on Project Rungay about Laura Bennet's fabulous loft also had that whiff of superiority about them, as if Ikea was no better than the Door Store or, gasp, WalMart.

The turning point for any fashionable icon, however well conceived, is when it enters the mainstream of satire, as with this treatment of a bus stop.

Ikea coffee table, anyone? 'Nuff said.


eric3000 said...

Thanks for the link Ms. Place! I'll add one for you. I love your Jane Austen site; I almost died when I saw the action figure!

Ms. Place said...

Eric, you darling man, you made my nite. I can't wait for your dish on Top Chef.