Nov 16, 2006

Project Runway One Recap: How Could They?

For those of us watching Project Runway One reruns with the Project Rungay guys, Jay Mc Caroll wuz robbed in the Banana Republic challenge. Completely! What WERE the judges thinking to give it to Lolly Pepper?

She of the misapplied Bette-Davis-in-Whatever-Happened-to-Baby-Jane makeup?

Did ANYONE purchase her Little Miss Batgirl in Training outfit? If so, please step forward. I dare you to admit it.

Now look closely at Jay's design and drool.

Do you know why Jay lost? Economics! Banana Republic would have lost its shirt if it had to mass produce such a beautiful creation for a sum that Ms. Average American could afford. (Photos of the intricate quilted detailing in the bodice sit on the Project Rungay blog. )
Jay's dress echoes Art Deco and its inspiration the Chrysler Building perfectly and fit in with the overall Banana Republic theme of that season. But boy-o-boy, not even a troop of legal Mexican seamstresses with green cards in their pockets could have made this creation under budget.

Overall I was pleased with Episode Three. The excellence of the designs in this competition seemed to spring out of nowhere, since heretofore only Jay, Kara, and Austen showed any outstanding design promise. As for Starr, my suggestion is that she hold on tight to that law degree now that she's been auf'd.

HEY, STARR! The court jester just called. He wants his collar back!

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eric3000 said...

Yeah, it's sad that Wendy won mainly because her dress was so nondescript and easy to produce. They could sell that same dress in many colors for the next ten years and no one would notice.