Nov 13, 2006

Top Chef 2: They Cook, They Dish, We Music Match Them

I want to get in my two cents worth before poor Michael Midgley is auf'd--he of the portly exterior and friendly face and oh-so-relaxed interior. The man just doesn't seem to care about the presentation of his dishes or whether he'll win or lose.

During the TGI Friday match up, he used up his precious few pennies to buy BEER. Cheese would have saved his dish. But the need for alcoholic fortification drove him to go down the wrong path and serve up a mess of a sandwich.

That night Michael earned a place in the bottom four and rightly so. Those firemen thought his careless presentation stink, stank, stunk! As Michael quaffed down his beer with the gusto of ten Germans, he seemed pleased with his dish and confident of a win.

In honor of Michael's steadfastness in the face of keen competition and self-delusion, I present this song: BEER by Reel Big Fish. (You might have to wait a few seconds for the song to start. If you like it, please support the band and purchase it.)

Good luck in your future career as a top chef, Michael, even though you won't last long in this competition. Love ya, though.

Eric Three Thousand recaps Top Chef and I love it. And have you stopped by Top Chef 2: They cook, We Dish? That blog rocks! And check out Amuse-Biatch. They're more than worth a visit.


Anonymous said...

Have you heard "She's Got a Girfriend Now?" Funny as hell.

Charlus said...

Ms. Place, thank you for the shout-out, and for your kind words along the way. You're certainly a kindred spirit. By the way, have you gotten spam of late which isn't trying to sell you Viagra but consists of nothing more than random passages from "Pride and Prejudice"? We get these on a daily basis.

eric3000 said...

Thanks, Ms. Place!

And Charlus, are you sure the passages are random? Maybe Jane is trying to contact you. If I received spam like that I would probably drift into my regular fantasy: "Oh, my adorable Mr. Bingley has finally come to call on me!"

Java Junkie said...

Indeed, Ms. Place...we echo Charlus and eric3000's thanks to you. We love your wonderful comments, and thank you for the Holla!