Nov 27, 2006

Eye Candy

Our choice this week is Clive Owen. . . Because we loved him as a con in Greenfingers, a movie few people saw but that he made worth seeing. He's rough on the outside, tender on the inside, and totally cravable.

Because as King Arthur he became the epitome of what a man should look like in leather. Switch his horse to a Harley and he'd still look studly.

Because all the houseguests and their actions in Gosford Park revolved around his character, and he held his own against such consummate actors as Maggie Smith, Helen Mirren, Alan Bates, and Jeremy Northam.

Because he made a fabulous villain in the Bourne Identity. Even those nerdy glasses could not hide his hunkiness.

Because he's the thinking female's hunk. And we love his ugly handsomeness, or handsome ugliness.

Let's face it: He's just plain talented. And if we met him at a bar, well, no holds barred.


jinxy said...

A big hearty AMEN to that!!

Lisette said...

MMMMMMMMMMMM... I feel strange and tingly all over! We seem to have the same taste in men. Basically, they all fall into the male equivalent of Jolie/Laide. I do not strive to wake up with a man prettier than me, give me a man that looks like he's seen some of the world and the trouble in it and I go from cold-blooded warrior bitch to purring kitten. If he has a body worth killing over, I can do that too!

bungle said...


NOT my type... and it's more than a question of taste... but... hey, who am I to judge?


Ms. Place said...

Good point, Bungle. I gravitate towards lesser known actors who choose character parts over leading man roles. Often they are not movie star handsome (the exquisite Rupert Everett is the exception that proves the rule.) Their rough, dangerous edges are what makes these men so attractive to me.

Gorgeous Things said...

Oh, and let's not forget how fantabulous he was as the driver in the BMW commercials - especially the one where he delivered Madonna and her coffee to the paparazzi!