Nov 30, 2006

Project Runway One: All Mixed Up

As I watched this PR1 episode (5) for the second time, I wondered: Did our marvelously talented Austin Scarlett confuse the design challenge from one week to the next?

This shiny green creation would have suited Sarah Hudson -- the one-hit wonder from Episode four--far better than the frilly white Marie Antoinette gown she rejected. Did Austin really think that this, er, dress (for want of a better word) with the bulky bird tail bustle was a serious contender for the wedding gown competition? Did he not notice the divine gowns Kara and Jay were making? Even lackadaisical Robert was stepping up to the plate and taking the competition seriously for once. And La Pepper (oh, please stop me from gagging) also sewed a better gown.

Austin, who eventually went on to design this creation for the Kenneth Pool bridal collection, should have known better!

I'm convinced he got his weekly challenges mixed up and that he meant to submit this frilly frou frou confection for the wedding challenge instead.

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You can also listen to Tim Gunn and Austin at Mood in this very short sound bite.


jinxy said...

I was SO shocked when I saw this episode the first time. Even when he said he was going to go non-traditional, I thought he really wouldn't be able to help himself at one point or another.

I loved Heidi's reaction though. That tongue was actually out of her mouth, like she had tried to eat the stupid thing. HA!!!!

eric3000 said...

Oh, you're right; this dress would have been better for the Sarah Hudson challenge! It still would have been bad, though.