Nov 30, 2006

Top Chef 2 Withdrawal Symptoms

Wed, Nov, 29
10:05 PM EST
I keep channel surfing to Bravo, restless to see my friends Marcel, Mickey, Sam, and Elia cook and interact again, but I can't find them.

10:08 PM EST
I'm even craving a sight of Betty's big mouth. I want, nay, I NEED to see what dreadful outfits Padman and Gail are wearing.

10:09 PM EST
Mia. Cliff, Ilan, Frank. WHERE ARE YOU?

10:10 PM EST
Am beginning to pace back and forth from my television to my kitchen, itching to turn on my stove's burners and place pots of water on them. Wait, my stove is brand new. It's only there for show. Damn you, Bravo! Sweat is starting to form on my brow. I need my TC2 fix. WAAAAH!

10:15 PM EST
Have been visiting my favorite TC2 blogs and am feeling some relief. Eric 3000 is still silent but Amuse-Biatch wrote something new. Thanks Miss XaXa and Charlus.

10:18 PM EST
Am flicking channels again. Food channel is not staving off TC2 cravings and Hell's Kitchen won't return to the air waves for months.

10:20 PM EST
Sheez, now I'm hungering for repeats of The Restaurant, and I can barely stand Rocco DeSpirito's camera hogging.

10:21 PM EST
My hands are trembling. My lips are dry. I'm even willing to watch Billy Joel's wooden-faced child bride again!

10:25 PM EST
Situation getting desperate. Have opened up a lovely Pinot Noir and am planning to guzzle it down.

10:30 PM EST
Bottle of wine half gone and feeling mellow. Will search through my stash of DVDs and VHS tapes for solace.

Thurs, Nov 30
12:30 AM EST

Feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. Just finished watching Mostly Martha (Bella Martha) for the 100,000th time. Martha's still a repressed German broad, but she's a genius in the kitchen. Sergio Castellito as the amorous Italian chef can cook my goose any time. I played Paolo Verde's Via Von Me on my Ipod. (Click on italicized words if you'd like to listen to this European song.) Who knew that Paolo's music can make food look and taste better?

The seduction scene in the kitchen is so erotic even though they keep their clothes on and barely touch. No wait, the most erotic scene was when the camera panned lovingly over all those mouth-watering dishes bubbling on the stove.

Thank you, Mostly Martha! You saved the day again, even with your English subtitles. You had it all: Humor, pathos, romance, & food, glorious food.

If you haven't seen this movie yet, gentle reader, rent it NOW, before the Hollywood types completely ruin it with their remake. Catherine Zeta Jones as the quietly beautiful but uptight Martha ? I think not!

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eric3000 said...

How did I not know there was no new episode last night? How disappointing!