Nov 11, 2006

Homage to an Idol

When I was a young girl I did not appreciate Sophia Loren's beauty. I thought her too earthy, her lips too ful, her chin too small, and her hips too wide. She was too exotic for my pre-teen tastes, and I prefered the more generic and traditionally pretty actresses, someone like Monica Bellucci.

I was wrong. Sophia represents the epitome of womanhood. Her secret for remaining a natural beauty with minimal surgical enhancements? Daily exercise.


Totally Hot!

Still Smokin'

In her heyday during the 1960's she could even make fun of her sexy image. Here is a song she sang with Peter Sellers, purportedly her lover at the time, titled Boom-Biddy-Boom.


Lisette said...

Sophia, so seductive, so deceptive! She is stunningly beautiful but somehow makes it seem like you could do it too. As far as her beauty secrets, lets not forget PASTA! That song is so going on my ipod, hysterical!

Ms. Place said...

Goodness, gracious, me! So glad you like.

BigAssBelle said...

i have always loved sophia, loved that lush overblown gorgeousness. i expect i am older than you, there not being any monica whoever on the horizon with whom to compare sophia in all of her magnificence. but i've always been drawn to those rich, excessive beauties: sophia, marilyn, liz. divine, all of them.