Oct 2, 2007

Preview Clip of Top Chef Finale

OK, I'll bite. Bravo sent me this preview clip. I normally don't show them, but here goes. We are FINALLY getting to the end of this long-winded show. I'll be happy if either Casey or Hung wins, though Dale should win the popularity award.

Click here.


Marius said...

Yep, I think Dale should win the fan favorite award, but I have a feeling Casey's going to win it. As for the finale, Hung is my favorite chef, but I hope the title of Top Chef goes to the most deserving chef.

Anonymous said...

I think Tre will win fan fav, just judging from prior posts I've seen over on the Bravo blogs. Dale, of course, is mine.

Unfortunately, since my PC died a bit back, I'm on my son's old Mac and videos are a bit hard to view.

Guess I'll just have to wait til tomorrow night and "watch what happens".

~d said...

People who come in at the tail end of a conversation are soo not cool.
But, here goes: (umm, was this a TV show?)

potty mouth princess said...

That is such an EC Quickfire.

I have pondered the elevation angle before and now that Casey says she's not really comfortable, I understand the undercooking of her elk.