Oct 16, 2007

Project Runway Canada

For the few of you who haven't been over to Project Rungay's site, click here to view Episode One of Project Runway, Canada. Iman is an elegant, if slow talking hostess, and I think the winning dress design echoes Jeffrey Sebelia's couture outfit that he made in Paris.

What do you think?


jinxy said...

Y'know, Heidi barely spoke a word of recognizable english the first season, and yet it was the best season by far in my books. And she didn't stare the judges down to get her way like Iman. (which you just have to love Iman for... just a little)

To me, Iman is more assertive and confident in her own tastes and opinions than Heidi. Kors and Garcia run the judges' panel on PR America, but PR Canada is clearly Iman's show. I get the impression from the footage shown that Iman is quicker to disagree with the judges than I have seen Heidi has been in the past.

Could Iman work on delivery? Sure. Is she a captivating hostess despite the delivery issue? Damn straight!

PR Canada has some pretty talented designers and it looks like there might even be some drama, which makes PR all the more addictive.

Time will tell and I can't wait to see. I hope this season of American PR is more than worth the wait it has taken to get to it.

Elizabeth said...

Scary though. "Please leave the boat!" Sheesh! I thought the poor guy was going to jump overboard. Still, Runway is just one of those really satifying shows. On Top Chef we could only accept their evaluations of the food. here we can see the clothing and judge for ourselves.