Oct 12, 2007

Have You Had Your Vegetables?

A friend sent these photogs via email. Amazing.


dawn said...

These photos are so cool , I watched on the food network a challange with vegs. it was great and remarkable what they can produce

BML said...

Wow, I really like the Bok Choy!

Anonymous said...

How funny...my sister and I were in a book store yesterday and I actually picked up that book!

We laughed and laughed. (Yes, I know, I'm easily amused). But they're all so cute and clever!

I immediately wanted to try it at home.

Hmmm... I wounder if I could make Bourdain out of a gourd. (I was going to say a zucchini but dirty thoughts came to mind. And we all know I'm a PG girl).

Aunty Belle said...

Oh boy--these are fun fun fun!

Calady said...

These are so cool. Thanks!

jinxy said...

What fun!!