Oct 8, 2007

Amy Winehouse, Dahlings

She is my fave. She is messed up. She needs help. SO? Don't we all?

Listen to this fab song: Rehab

And, You Know I'm No Good

Girlfriend's got VOICE!!


jinxy said...

I agree totally. Her voice is so seductive. The girl has a gift and like many gifted people before her she has problems. They just let the record labels cover it up better back in the old days.

Jen said...

Her parents probably need help too. Dang, she has pipes! :)

ArtfulSub said...

Never heard of her. She looks anorexic at picture search. Is that her "problem"?

Ms. Place said...

Art, our girl is battling drugs, alcohol, smoking, and, according to recent explicit photos, an abusive codependent relationship (she and her husband were photographed with scratches and bruises on their faces.)

So I would say she lives out her songs.

Linda Merrill said...

Sadly, she's a great talent who will probably be dead by the time she turns 25. She's got a unique and one of a kind voice that could give her a life-long career (unlike say Britney). But she's throwing it all away with the booze, drugs and co-dependent husband.

Anonymous said...

The two songs you mention, Ms. Place, are my favs by Amy.

Artful, do spend a second to check out the videos for both songs. Worth it. (Well, I mean I think so).

Unfortunately, in the last 4 years Amy's rather gone down a dark road. In 2003, she was this beautiful up-and-coming singer.

Now mostly you see a lot of her in the tabloids over the drug abuse.
But still, an amazing singer. Her voice is deep and rich. I love her music.