Oct 6, 2007

But is it art...?

Known for their small size and oilcloth cover, moleskin notebooks have been beloved by creative minds - artists and writers in particular - since their invention. Compact, portable, and made with archival paper, the treasures contained in their pages are usually private and hidden.
When I was a practicing artist, my 4"x6" notebook went everywhere with me. I sketched lines, colors, ideas, making notes and trying out different versions of the same topic before committing my composition onto a larger, more expensive medium. Here then, are a few exciting samples (I have not scanned my own.)
Want to see more? Just google moleskin or moleskinerie and you will find some beautiful examples online. Some people have devoted entire blogs to the topic.

Samples of moleskin notebooks and their covers
Supply carrier


Big Fella said...

Art? Yes, I think some of it is. Perphaps more significantly, these notebooks are artifacts of their "authors'" experience in life, and as such can be very fascinating.

BigAssBelle said...

wow! i have never even heard of a moleskin notebook. how delightful! i think i need one or, at least, my inner artist does . . . thanks for the beautiful images and the tip. i know my life will be much improved by my teensy little notebook.

delphine said...

I have always really wanted a moleskin but I have never bought want. I think that I am afraid that I will never use it and let the legacy of the moleskin down. Also, I'm a lefty so I have a hard time writing in small notebooks. I wonder if there is a lefty moleskin out there somewhere???

cb said...

is it art? YES!
i love the "pop-up" moleskin.

i've always wanted to do art like this (Peter Beard's work was my inspiration) but alas: I have no artistic abilities.

i love little notebooks, though.

BigAssBelle said...

i can't wait for my little book to arrive! now i need a selection of pencils and pens. it will change my life. i know it.

delphine said...

Seeing this post gave me the courage and renewed enthusiasm to go buy a moleskine. Hopefully now I use it to its full advantage.