Oct 3, 2007

Look Who Won, Dahlings.

OMG Hung, We WON!!!
Hung's duck tipped the decision for the judges.

But Dale's lamb nearly stole the show.

Casey overcooked her pork belly.
We're so sorry you lost, my dear, but at least the viewers voted for you in tonight's poll.

Hey, don't we get a mention?


RVA Foodie said...

God damn it. I DVR'd this episode so my very tired pregnant wife could watch it with me after work tomorrow, and then I log onto my local blog aggrigator. And what do I see? It's "Hung, dahlings." Don't "dahling" me. That headline was a spoiler! @#%$#^$%*

That's what I got to say.

becca said...

Poor Casey choked. i was rooting for her.

Ms. Place said...

You're right RVA foodie. I meant to activate the post much much later this morning, but I hit publish instead of save. My apologies.

ArtfulSub said...

You're use of visuals is great, Contessa. I think I've used that pig before, but not as well.

All three finalists and all but ONE of the Cheftestants were basically decent humans this year.

Hung earned the win. I'm sending he and Casey and invitation to an event today.

Sorry Dale, it ain't your thing, bro! But you're a pretty decent guy in your own way too.

Anonymous said...

Hey! Now THERE'S an idea! How about a nod for the Blog sites!!

Cute post!

Anonymous said...

I agree... fantastic post.

And yay, Hung!

Branch Water said...

Foodie, you oughta get loaded more often. Your spelling suffers, but I welcome the extra sass.

Marius said...

Great images. LOL. I particularly like the pig. :)

BigAssBelle said...

i have never heard of eating pork belly. i thought pork bellies were a cliche of the commodities market :-)