Oct 16, 2007

Kitchen Nightmares: The Seascape

Viewers knew from the moment they met Irene and her son Peter that their restaurant The Seascape was in incapable hands. From poor management, to an old-fashioned chef who was unwilling to listen to Gordo or even taste his dishes, to a nagging mama who made terrible Greek cookies, to a crumbling restaurant interior that had remained unchanged since its heyday in the 70's, one got the sense that there was NO HOPE for this group. Oh, our intrepid Gordo whipped the staff into some sort of shape, fired the chef and sous chef, both of whom kept a filthy kitchen and didn't have a clue of how to cook fresh food, and upgraded the decor to resemble a 21st century version of a red bordello. But one could sense quite early on that Peter would never fill his dead father's capable shoes, not as long as his mama was around to pistol-whip him with her tongue at every opportunity.

And so on the last day of his week with this motley crew, Gordo kinda sorta showed the group how to turn the restaurant around. On the BIG night, the waitresses never quite got their act together, and Peter wore a godawful pink tie and pink shirt combination, making him look like a Mafia dud. Looking at Peter's sartorial unsplendor, even Gordo seemed to say, "I give up."

Was it any surprise that in the very last scene of the fourth installment of this show, Peter and his browbeating momma had sold the restaurant? Not.

The show was still riveting. Our Gordo knows his way around food and restaurant management, and I am looking forward to the next installment. Here's a sneak peak of Episode Five, which will air this Wednesday. Click Here to View: Gum Chewing Waiters and Did I Stutter?


Anonymous said...

How did I miss the show?? I thought it was on Wednesday nights!

Ms. Place said...

It is, Peach Pie. I was late with my review. Busy weekend alas.

ArtfulSub said...

I might have to give this show a try. He actually gets to FIRE people? That's too cool.

ArtfulSub said...

There are a lot of restaurants on Troll Island that have SUPERLATIVE locations but are now in the hands of second or third generation incompetents. Or, even worse, GERMANS!

It's truly sad. They will ALWAYS make enough money to stay in business due to their sweet locations and tourists who don't know any better.

charmingdinnerguest said...

I enjoyed watching this show but I wish the show had explained what the poor son was supposed to have done. I don't know what a restaurant manager does when he manages well.

What's the solution when there is one chef, the lines are long outside and there are a hundred people waiting to dine?

What can be managed?

becca said...

Love this show. Can't wait for tonight.

Ms. Place said...

Charming dinner guest: That was a great comment. I think Peter (according to Gordon) should have been more assertive about quality with his chefs and his waitresses.

You are right: the restaurant was not prepared for the night that the guests arrived in droves due to the unprecedented publicity. But the other restaurants were able to meet the challenge and remain in business. I think Peter was way in over his head; and his momma did not help. Her nagging, even after Gordon Ramsay's intervention, only hindered. Poor Peter could not cope.

Zoely said...

I flippin LOVE Gordon & can I say, it's only extreme self-control that has stopped me from posting my own extreme rant that he was in TWO towns not 30 minutes from me (Seascape & the first one in Babylon) & I missed him?!? Gah.

BigAssBelle said...

how did i miss this thing? i caught this episode and one other. i think it was the fact of the FOX connection, it sort of put me off my feed.

but i love this!! kitchen nightmares indeed. and that poor, poor little man. when he asked for a hug ~ poor thing hasn't had a kind word in his life.