Nov 25, 2007


Oscar Schindler (with those he rescued)
Martin Luther King
1964 Alabama Freedom Riders

Mahatma Ghandi

Rosa Parks

Billie Jean King

Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Student, Tianenmen Square

Buddhist monk in protest of Vietnamese War, 1963

Burmese Monks, 2007


ArtfulSub said...

Great REBEL stuff. With the exception of the tennis player, all were willing to pay a heavy price. Happy Mute Monday.

Stirring stuff.

Zoely said...

really, really nicely done. i thought of many of these people did a great job!
Happy MM!

Ms. Place said...

Ah, but Art, the tennis player was more an inspiration for little girls than, let's say, Margaret Thatcher. The idea that females could play for equal pay, (or work for equal pay) well now, that whole notion was revolutionary even as late as the 70's. BJK never really got to enjoy the fruits of her labor, so to speak, working all her professional life for a mere pittance as compared to her male colleages.

Aunty Belle said...

Hey--these here is jes' terrific ! Marevelous Ms. Place. I almost put Rosa Parks too--but was 'fraid that some would misundersand the use wif' them Confederates--was tryin' to keep mah theme to those fightin' fer country, rebels fer the cause of their own nationhood. I likes the interpretation of rebels with a true purpose.

Well, cain't say enough--this here is real fine. Love the use of Ayaan Hirsi Ali, the 2007 Monks--not enough been said on that, ya know??? Real fine job ya done here.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful stuff! Nice to see all remembered...too many are forgotten. Happy MM!

Not that Type of Raven said...

Brilliant post! Happy MM. ^^

Vixen said...

Wow. Moving. Great job!

moi said...

Great stuff! Especially the addition of Billy Jean.

frogboots said...

LOVE this. moving and meaningful and true. i've missed your Mute Mondays!

Aunty Belle said...

Off topic--if youse fond of the Coen brothers, is ya seen

ANNA-LYS said...

What an excellent hi-lighting of our rebels. Those guys are the real idols , not the HollyWood folks.

I am happy that You found what You liked at MuseArt Community, feel welcome to visit my private sphere as well. The window is open! *lol*

Love Your creative nic!

Marius said...

No Country For Old Men is a great movie. I loved it.

These are all great images, and the topic is wonderful.