Nov 11, 2007

Michael Symon Wins Iron Chef

Oh, my. I couldn't really tell from the swordfish dishes which chef would win: John Besh or Michael Symon. Frankly, I thought Jeff's plating looked better but I think he hurt himself by remaining so silent during the competition. I've been rooting for colorful Chef Symon all along, so I am glad he won.

However, am I wrong in thinking that neither one of these chefs quite measure up? That they fall just short of being able to compete with top chefs across the country who will challenge them? Call me a skeptic, but until I see Chef Symon perform I will harbor doubts.

Meanwhile, congratulations to both men for a classy performance. It was a pleasure to watch them compete in this short competition.


Anonymous said...

Mike did good! But does he measure up? I think he does because you have to consider that the other chefs have had their personas created for them by their exposure on the Food Network.

Don't misunderstand that - they are all talented but you are comparing a "unexposed" chef to several that have had their faces and their styles plastered all over TV for several years.

Give Michael a chance, he'll so ok again.

Ms. Place said...

That advice makes sense. I like him. I think Michael's personality is suited to t.v. Both men were class acts and I would have been happy if either had won. I thought John might win, but then he played it a bit safe. Can't do that in Kitchen Stadium.

ArtfulSub said...

I didn't watch any, unfortunately. Did the other Chef refrain from growing a weiner-beard?

If so, he should have won!

Anonymous said...

I think Mike Symon won because of his personality for sure - not because he was a better chef. I also think he was the planned winner all along.

Awhile ago I saw an Iron Chef Episode where John Besh challenged Bobby Flay and I thought Besh was great...he wasn't as never as last night's episode.

I do have to say that I was disappointed in the women in this show. There were only two of them to start off with and they were the first ones eliminated. :(

Aunty Belle said...

ya know, ya gotta wonder iffin' half the whole thang is about personality--a competent chef who is dull as ditchwater would not play in TV-land.

I seen a few whar' I thought the challenger did swell--food wise, but was dissed fer the regular whose jab and jest style went over well wif' the judges.

RVA Foodie said...

I thought Besh was the obvious pick from episode one, being so polished, and rarified. However, Mike Symon was easier for me to identify with. Right up until the Chairman unveiled the picture, I was sure that Besh was the new Iron Chef. I too had seen his match with Flay and he's really impressive.

Anyhow, I agree that Symon has work to do to prove his Iron Chef-ness. However, Cat Cora has yet to perform convincingly, in my opinion, and she's been on for a year or so (my wife and I just don't like her personality). It could be that there is an affirmative action policy for irreverence this year on the Food Network this year. Nonetheless, I'd like to see Mike earn his victories with his cuisine while wearing the standard Iron Chef uniform. Good by to the gas station jersey. ;0(

Dalila said...

I didn't know Chef Besh challenged Flay. I saw the episode where he challenged chef Mario Batali and won, (

Lanette said...

I am glad micheal won. i was think they would give to Besh. i felt besh had an unfair advantage,

i love the fact that Micheal used a "contraption" from one of the challenges and that was very cool and a smart move...............