Nov 14, 2007

Project Runway 4: Best First Epi Yet

Project Runway 4, Episode One was a great start to a much anticipated season. I don't know if I felt this way because the wait was so long, or because I felt genuine interest in some of the designers. Plus the stars were in alignment when the judges put their heads together. The right two designers were chosen for bottom two, the right one was auf'd, and I can live with the winner (Frankly, the dress looked better on the mannequin than the model, and I am so over fleurchons as accoutrements that I was itching to snip that clunky gray flower off.)

My favorite character right now? Chris. I could identify with boyfriend as he huffed and puffed across the field towards the tents. I loved his attitude when he looked over the slim pickin's once he reached his destination and came away happy and content with his fabric choices. And then, when I saw the results, I knew he had major talent. If I had a long neck I would wear that fabulous dress this holiday season. Those colors rocked and the design was FIERCE. I love, loved, LOVED it.

Best potential snarker? Christian, so full of attitude and piss and vinegar. I agreed with the judges that the tailoring of his suit was different and memorable. But those puffy mismatched sleeves? Uggh. Ugly. Ick.

As for the female designers? So far none resonate with me, but it's early in the game yet. Ok, let me take back that statement. I instantly perk up when I see Sweet P and Jillian, and I can't wait to follow their progress.

In addition to the blockbuster PR bloggers (Blogging Project Runway and Project Rungay), Pink Navy has steamed into the fashion fray harbor. This is going to be the snarkies PR season yet.


Katyola said...

I too liked Chris' dress, and also Sweet P's. Loved Rami's, although the fleurchon was a bit too Angela-esque. I really hope not to be reminded of her anymore this season!

Marius said...

Ms. Place, you and I are on the same page. Chris did a great job. I wasn't crazy about Christian's design. Uggh is the appropriate word. I will give him credit for taking a risk.

mumblesalot (Laura A) said...

Yes! Chris was the darling of this show. Loved his attitude , slow running and his dress. He knows how to work it.

becca said...

Love Chris. He's kind AND talented. I hope he goes far.

jinxy said...

Seriously?!? I thought Christiam had a contender for the win. I will admit that the color choices were not bold like me, but they were in line with trends, and no one can deny the boy has some execution up his sleeve.

Plus the fact that he worked for McQueen made the fabric choice make total sense.

eric3000 said...

Yeah, I thought the judging was pretty good in this episode. I thought the correct designs were in the top two (I didn't think Chris's was actually very interesting) and of course everyone agrees on the losing design.

Ms. Place said...

I LOOOVE the debate raging about Christian. Look, I have no quarrel with the way the outfit moved down the runway or with the originality of cut and design. Let's just say when I see plaid that big, and sleeves that muttony, all my feminine instincts rebel.

When I saw Christian's color combination and that ghastly plaid, I thought mocha chocolate on coffee ice Paul Bunyan style.