Nov 22, 2007

Around the Thanksgiving Turkey: Dishin' Project Runway

How cool was it to see the designers reactions when SJP walked in the room as the fashion icon? Not only was girlfriend knowledgeable and charming, she knew exactly what she wanted for her new clothes line, Bitten.

There was no dishin' around the water cooler with the regulars this week since our office is closed until Monday. However, my nieces and I sat back after Thanksgiving dinner and discussed this week's outfits. No one in my family had seen this episode of Project Runway, so their reactions are based solely on the photos. Becca and Mouse, both young fashionistas, shared a few spirited words. Other family members jumped in as well. Without knowing who won or lost, their assessments were remarkably close to the judges'.

This week's commentators: Mouse, Becca, Ms. Place, Big Daddy, and Muffin.

Victorya (Winner) and Kevin
Becca: This looks like a fun dress to go out in.
Big Daddy: Sexy!
Mouse: Hate the boots. Looove the outfit.
Muffin: Hate those shoes. Just sayin'.
Ms. Place: Love the outfit, and the boots, but you need great legs to carry this off. Plus a zaftig woman might tend to look pregnant.
Muffin: Or like a cannon ball.

Rami and Jillian
Becca: Cute, but it looks so every day.
Mouse: That headband needs to go.
Muffin: Too blase.
Ms. Place: Hey, look! It's Captain Janeway from Star Trek Voyager going on a Klingon shopping expedition. Seriously, I'm so over big tops, leggings and ballet slippers that I was rather surprised to see this outfit chosen in the first place.

Marion and Steve
Becca: It looks like a trash bag!
Big Daddy (shaking his head): Sleazy
Mouse: Her face says it all.
Muffin: It's nothing but a shawl.
Ms. Place: Hey Marion, Pocahontas just called. She wants her blankee back. Seriously, the material's wrong, the color's wrong, the belt and boots are too heavy, and the fringes look like wool worms. There's nothing redeeming about this outfit. His sketch looked way better.

Elisa and Sweet P
Mouse: Love the top
Muffin: Nice skirt
Becca: What's with this electric blue fabric all of a sudden? I really like the jacket, though.
Ms. Place: The proportions are off. With the cape she looks like an Aeroflot flight attendant. But I think the dress was GORGEOUS, even with the spit marks.

Ricky and Jack
Big Daddy: She looks anorexic.
Mouse: Yeah, let's feed the model!
Becca: Love that dress. Great belt.
Muffin: I like the look.
Ms. Place: This look rocks from head to toe. The addition of the belt was genius. And yeah, this would look great on many different body types. I thought this dress was a strong contender. And we all thought that if Amy Winehouse adopted this look after she got out of rehab, people would concentrate more on her fabulous vocals.

Christian and Carmen
Ms. Place: (Gagging ) Where to start? I don't get this race car driver/librarian chic look at all and those shoes are so 'secretary.' Christian's delusional wet noodle should have been hung out to dry.
Mouse: Hate that combination of colors.
Big Daddy: Is that a girl or a boy?
Muffin: A drag queen.
Ms. Place: Or a queen who loves drag races.

Kit and Chris
Big Daddy: Funky
Mouse: It's too plain, and I don't like the wedges.
Becca: I could have pulled this outfit together at Target.
Muffin: I hate this look.
Ms. Place: Pardonnez-moi, mademoiselle. Votre Fifi nommé est-il par une chance ?
Fifi: Oui.


Moi ;) said...

Yes. Yes. and Yes..... Although I still don't get the Victorya dress. Looks like a nightgown. Bend over in that sucka...

But who's Fifi? LOL

Anonymous said...

race car driver/librarian chic look at all and those shoes are so 'secretary

LOL. I'm so over Christian already. He's all affectation, and his talent does not match his mouth.

moi said...

Gah, am I ever addicted to this show! I pretty much figured VIctorya would win with this tunic dress as soon as she sketched it. Very Bitten. And available on eBay for about $20.95.

Love your blog!

charmingdinnerguest said...

I see that Elisa spits on her creation to "imbibe it with energy and essence."

I am soooo happy this is not Top Chef.

And for the record, I will not be dining at Elisa's.

Marius said...

I agree that Ricky's dress was a strong contender, but I can see why Victorya won this challenge. Great post, Ms. Place. I love that you made it a family affair. What will you think of next? :)