Apr 26, 2007

Seen in the Personals

Aural Erotica with a naughty, Boston Brahmin, raconteur. Uninhibited, unhurried kinky fun and fetish friendly. Calls are NOT recorded. Elizabeth www.ElizabethPaxton.com

If you were like me, I'd be beside myself with you. Sex, sandwiches, seaside strolls, Debussy and Frank Sinatra. Loathe soul music. M, 52, WLTM F. timasitwere@fastmail.fm

Delectable amuse-bouche seeks gourmand for that timeless savoury pleasure. Heston Blumenthal wannabes to 49 apply to tartine@hotmail.co.uk

It seems to me that some of the above folks writing in the personals, could use the services of the following person:

Psychoanalysis and Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy (Cambridge, MA). Experienced, Harvard educated psychotherapist based in Harvard Square specialises in the predicaments, conflicts, and neuroses of creative and metaphorically minded individuals, especially academics, writers and artists. Call 617-234-4488 to enquire about a consultation.

London Review of Books


jinxy said...

I love it; Advertising for psychoanalysis in the personals. Talk about cornering a market.

Ms. Place said...

Whoops, one of the links was quite risque so I "killed" it. But anyone who has an extreme desire to meet the individual can still do so by visiting the London Review of Books.

Lynette said...

oh it makes me happy to have my sweetheart.