Apr 29, 2007

Ah, spring!


During the loveliest time of the year, when birds sing, bees dance from flower to flower, and breezes are delightfully fresh, a number of us are stuck indoors behind closed windows struggling to breathe.

Once again I am on prednisone. Once again I find myself observing with ill disguised horror the build up of a thin, sickly yellowish green layer of pollen. I pray for rain each day to wash the pollen away. Of course, rain encourages the production of more pollen, so it is a self-defeating wish.

Ah, spring! I'll adore your humidity-free days from afar and will leave it to others to enjoy the outdoors. As for me? C'mon, summer! Hurry up. I can't wait to start breathing again.


Linda Merrill said...

sniff sniff. Sorry about your allergies! I've got mild ones, but nothing like yours sound! Hope you feel better soon!

jinxy said...

I had to have a cortizone shot today and I missed work. I had a reaction to something and my skin is in hives.

We will get through it though.

Katie was on prednisone and an albuterol inhaler a couple of weeks ago. The good thing about allergies is that you know that when what you are allergic to quits blooming you will get better.

I hope it's soon for you!!