Apr 5, 2007

Best TV Couple

James Spader and William Shatner as Alan Shore and Denny Crane in Boston Legal.

Who doesn't enjoy the unabashed love these men have for each other or watching their quirky relationship unfold over cigars and a glass of bourbon?

Although Shatner's acting can be as stiff as this wooden faced effigy, he shines as Denny. And I've come to adore his self deprecating humor. Anyone who hasn't seen the roast, The Shat Hits the Fan, should watch out for it on Comedy Central.

As for James, once upon a time he looked yummy and dreamy. For me the screen still lights up whenever he's on camera. Scene stealer!


Marius said...

Apparently, James Spader is a big hit in the UK. Yeah, I read somewhere that British girls love him, which isn’t surprising.

BigAssBelle said...

i've always thought james spader was quite the fetching lad. i've never seen boston legal. am about to take up tv once again with the return of sopranos. will probably lay off thereafter unless big love resumes, at least until project rungay. i mean runway.