Jan 25, 2008

Project Runway Rant


J.Z., a friend, recently sent this email about last week's PR episode. Her pithy comments about Project Runway 4 are well worth reading for the chuckles . Ms. Place might be a wee bit snarky, but she comes by this trait honestly. As you can see, her friends in Richmond are of equal mind and bent.

I have a few more rants that I need to say to someone who understands. You are the ONLY person I know who is watching Project Runway with the same enthusiasm as I.

If they don't replace that ratty looking bag the names are drawn out of... One of the challenges should be to create a container that's runway worthy and goes with Heidi's couture outfits. As it is, she looks like she's dragging around a bedraggled velvet teddy bear.
(Hey, J.Z., what if she carried THIS bag?)

What about that avant garde challenge? Where do we draw the line between cutting edge and costume-y? The winning outfit (Chris and Christian's) was nothing anybody would ever wear to any place but a costume party. The model was obviously having trouble carrying around that Frankenstein hump coming out of the back of the collar.

Jillian and Victoria's 3-piece outfit, Matrix Redux, was so immaculately tailored and high fashion -- AND they did construct three intricate pieces. They should have won IMO.

How is it that Sweet Pea is all covered in tattoos and piercings, and still she looks like a dumpy house frau? How does she do that? I know you think Christian is hateful, but I love everything about him. I swoon when he prances and shows the models how to move. He's the doppelganger of my niece A--.

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