Jan 24, 2008

Project Runway 4: Victorya's Auf

This past week I've wondered if I've been too rough in my assessment of Victorya, calling her one of the judges' pets. I haven't been a fan of her designs, and have sometimes wondered how she was able to coast through. She also seemed somewhat too self-assured for the designs she was sending down the runway. And she couldn't work collaboratively to save her life. But then Bravo's editors slipped up, and they included a few scenes in which Victorya said downright sweet and lovely things about the departed designers. We got a glimpse of Victorya, the compassionate woman.

I can't blame Victorya for looking so listless throughout this episode. I had trouble staying awake myself, and nodded off a couple of times as the designs came down the the runway. Last week I said I would have been just as pleased if Victorya's and Gillian's coat had won. This week, it was a toss up as to whose coat was worse. Gillian squeaked ahead, I suspect, because she actually created a garment. Victorya simply made a few alterations. For her lack of imagination she was aufed.

Good luck in your future endeavors, Victorya. I hope this exposure on Bravo gives your career a hefty boost.

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Elizabeth said...

She's clearly very talented at making clothes women can and will wear, and I was disappointed to see her go. but such is PR!