Jan 18, 2008

Project Runway: Over the Big Top

We always knew he had it in him, didn't we dahlings? From the first time we saw that fabulous purple and green gown in Episode One, we knew our big huggy fashion bear would go far. How do you say Talented with a capital T? How do spell mouthwatering fashion? C-H-R-I-S.

Ok, so Christian had some input, as my friend Branch Water pointed out. Those ruffles were his idea and those tucks didn't come out of nowhere. But the sheer scope and size and outrageousness of the IDEA came from Chris. As sure as the air is polluted in Shanghai that ruffled halo and its execution came from the mind that incorporated pretzels into a bra.

This lush and luscious over the top treatment reminded me of the yummy costumes Cecil Beaton created for Audrey Hepburn to wear in My Fair Lady.

How can you not adore all this drama? This is what fashion is all about. This scrumptious creation screams LOOK AT ME, just as Cecil's hat did for Audrey. The trick is that neither designer overpowered their wearer. Well, in Chris's case perhaps slightly. But our man had only one and a half days to complete his masterpiece. Cecil had all the time in the world.

Contrast the over the top outfit with Christian's read-to-wear, where we go from Audrey Hepburn to...

... dowdy librarians wearing high-necked tops. C'mon Christian, stop hiding the female body. Stop being afraid of it. We won't bite you, promise.

Need anyone say more about the inequity of the partner system in Project Runway? Just because Christian was team leader doesn't mean he should have won. Yes, he and Chris worked well together. But, sheez, Nina and Michael. Even you two must have realized that Chris was the genius who drove this winning engine.

Victorya and Jillian whined and whinnied louder than the horses that inspired this great hairdo. I wouldn't be surprised to see variations of it sprouting up in Richmond soon.

Despite the designers' incessant nattering, the moment I saw their equestrian creation I was immediately transported to a time of elegance, dandies, and a certain attitude of je ne sais quoi.

Underneath that fabulously dramatic coat, were a shirt and riding breeches that reminded me of Jessica Biehl in The Illusionist. Women look HOT in these outfits, which make their tushies shine.

In fact, Victorya's and Jillian's outfit looks fiercer and edgier than any equestrian clothing I've seen in real life. The coat is to die for and the choice of the plaid lining and ruffles was sheer genius. Well done, team. I would not have been overly upset had you won.

Which brings us to Rami, whose personal performance disappointed me as much as his professional judgment. This gown was his idea from conception to completion.

And all he wound up making was lingerie.

The look was far from over the top ... so far from it that he nearly put the judges to sleep and was rightly one of the bottom two designers.

Not that this outfit represents fashion, per se, but Rami was totally flummoxed by his model's angelic hairdo. It would have served him better if he'd gone against it ... and created something totally outrageous and off the wall like this little Las Vegas inspired number.

And now we come to Kit, our edgy designer. WTF happened?

How do you say Hollie Hobbie morphed into a bedspread with a satin ruffle?

"Well, I don't care what you silly people think. I like it. I really, really like it. Miss Mellie would've worn the gown to the Glorious Sons of the Confederacy Ball."

How do you say aufwiedersehen, Kit? Not that Ricky's K-Mart and Wal*Mart inspired design was all that much better, but Kit had chosen that awful fabric and it was all that Ricky had to work with. Still, HTF is he still hanging around?There's nothing inspiring about this dress, which is about as good as anything Ricky has been able to come up with. As we've all noted with Christian, the leader takes the glory, but like Kit the leader also takes the fall for the team. This is one reason why Bravo should reconsider assigning so many team projects in one season. Not only are three more than enough, we viewers are really more interested in the designs of the individual designers. These contestants have had to compromise their vision three times. Enough is enough!!

Still, my overall assessment of this PR season has risen . We've had three excellent episodes in a row without interruption. How do you say Brava Bravo? Thanks for getting the show back on track.


Moi ;) said...

I totally agree with the Chris-behind-the-concept thing. It's another team challenge suckage, because they Both should have won. And both on Kit's team should have lost.

Gotta love the photo you found for the riding outfit. I wasn't finding ones I liked at all! However, you are being too nice about Rami's.... ;)

eric3000 said...

"Thank goodness I'm not THAT modest!"

Love the Gone With the Wind reference and the pictures are great!

Yeah, Chris was obviously resposible for making that look so amazing but he really did play it safe by asking Christian to be team leader so I don't have a problem with Christian winning. Besides, they both got their dress in an Elle shoot!

Anonymous said...

It's not that Christian has an issue with the female body. He's trying to make his model look just like him.

No, seriously. Look at the librarian outfits again with that in mind.

Meg said...

If Chris makes it even close to the final three, won't it make an exciting first on PR? First guy to get canned and make it back to the top?