Jan 13, 2008

Assessing the Runway

Guest Judge Gilles Mendel’s Prom Dress Advice: (2-minute video conversation condensed) “You know it has to be very sophisticated and young and you know, full of color. And fun. You know, like sophisticated but young. And colorful. Like young and fun, but at the same time sophisticated. And with color. She has to be a young woman, like, you know, who dresses young and has fun.”

What do you get when you combine the tacky winning judge's pet dress with the loser’s?

A Blue FLYYYYY Special! I kid you not. Notice the hem, ahem.

Jillian: How do you spell Bridesmaid Dress? Actually, this is one of those looks that would pass muster for a father/daughter Purity Ball, you know, where the daughter makes one of those Virginity Pledges, thereby identifying herself as a Monica Lewinski practician.

In fact, with that outdated hair and old-fashioned color this contemporary miss could play John Boy's sister, Erin.

Rami: How do you pronounce Mother of the Bride Dress? Speaking of mothers, mine chose appliances of the same color for her kitchen in 1973!

Kit: Yeah, cute dress. HATE the bland hair. HATE the ordinary shoes. In fact, she looks like a matador’s momma wearing a young, flirty dress.

Ricky: Shoulda Been Aufed Dress #1: Client: “Please design a dress that will add ten pounds on my voluptuous figure, so I can resemble a meringue puff.” Ricky (dabbing at his eyes with a handkerchief) "I'll try my best."

Chris: I Wuz Robbed Dress #1: How do you say, Adorable, Young, Colorful? How do you say, Makes the Client Happy? How did the judges not see "Winner" when they saw this darling dress float down the runway? Adore the dress 100%. The styling? Meh.

Sweet P: I Wuz Robbed Dress #2: I would have been happy if Sweet P's dress had also won.

Christian: Shoulda Been Aufed Dress #2: 'Perhaps this mess I’m wearing will look more presentable if I give you a different pose.'



The Troll said...

Mute Mondays Misses Miss!

Linda Merrill said...

Yea - what was up with the styling? Did the Tresemme people all go out to lunch? None of the girls looked good from a hair and makeup standpoint! My beauty salon closes down to regular clients for Prom-day hair do's! They bring in food and throw a party for the girls.

cb said...

in her Bravo blog, Nina Garcia said that she would wear VictorYa's dress now.

and that's the problem. It's what a 40+ year old woman thinks is youthful.
when I was 17, I did not want to wear a dress that a 43 year old would wear. I wanted to wear what a 25 year old would wear. Nina Garcia in that dress would look like a woman trying to look younger than she is.

bah humbug.

i didn't mind the styling for Chris's dress, but that is just because i like simple fussy-mussy hair.

this was a balls-up challenge, all the way around, if you ask me.

Elizabeth said...

I agree all around. And Sweet P should have won it....