Dec 4, 2007

Tim's Finale and Top Chef Holiday Fun

This week we'll be saying goodbye to Tim Gunn's Guide to Style. Here's a clip from the finale on Thursday at 10 PM. I watched the preview clip and ... didn't we see this epi in the pre-show that aired before the first show?

I believe Tim and Veronica agree with me. Just saying.

Here's another reason for tuning in on Bravo on Thursday evening. Former Top Chefs will be competing in a holiday special at 9 PM EST. To look at the judges' expressions, the food must have tasted like, er, well, something prepared for a pagan feast or for my canine beast.

Here is a preview clip. Click on this link and enjoy: Holiday Gifts

Watch Bravo on Thursday night to see Tim and the Top Chefs back to back starting at 9 EST.

On Wednesday night, flick to Bravo to watch Project Runway. (Be still my beating heart - it's another team challenge!)

Before this latest PR episode airs, join the Blogging Project Runway team for their live party. The conversation amongst PR fanatics is a hoot, and the chat enhances the fun of watching the show. See ya'll there! If not, I'll catch you later.


she said...

how about that pouffy big polka dot dress veronica wore one episode? someone needed to run an intervention on her ass. grrrrrherherhehaha

mumblesalot (Laura A) said...

I agree with you Ms Place we did see that episode shown in the preview. I only watched the first few and I saw that one.

BigAssBelle said...

well i never saw that episode, but she was in the previews and i really wanted to see it. thus i hit record :-)

and while i was recording, i found the top chef christmas special, so click again.

it's an embarrassment of riches now, all stashed away in whatever that thing is that sits on top of the television.

i am wrecked today, having to work on friday because we were traveling monday. else i'd be sitting at the house wrapped up in a quilt, sweet deaf betty asleep on my lap, sipping coffee while i took in the big breasted finale of tim gunn's disaster and the efforts of the chefs. sigh.

Melanie said...

I'm so glad that Bravo has so much info on Tim Gunn's show on their website. I missed the last 10 minutes of the episode with the woman of the abundant cleavage and wondered if they ever came to some sort of understanding. Did they ever! I can't believe it's the same woman. Here's a clip of 'Where are they now?' about her and I swear I didn't recognize her (Karen):