Dec 5, 2007

December 5th is Sinterklaas Day

And as you can see from these Dutch bloopers, not everything goes smoothly when Sinterklaas and Swarte Piet arrive from Spain to distribute treats to Dutch children.

Well, DAYUM, they've taken this video off YouTube. Ah, well. Must have been lifted.

Happy St. Nick Day!


jinxy said...

Nappy St. Nick Day!!

I got yummy chocolate, did St Nick treat you too?

Yo do know that chocolate from St. Nick doesn't count against your diet, don't you? ;)

Anonymous said...

The oude jenever flows like wine!

You know, Ms. Place, I've been trying to explain Sinterklaas and Zwarte Piet to my husband, but he just doesn't believe me ("There's a black slave and a white horse?") but now I have proof!

-- desertwind

ArtfulSub said...

Had never heard of this, so I looked it up. And thought the cited attempt at political correctness was kind of amusing. Is there a Dutch version of blowhard Bill O'Reilly fighting this "WAR ON SINTERKLAAS"? Wilhem Van Raaly?


Nevertheless, the tradition has been accused of being racist, and attempts have been made to introduce Gekleurde Pieten (Coloured Petes), who are coloured blue, red, etc., instead of black. This phenomenon of "Coloured Petes" was introduced nationally in 2006. The explanation given for this was that "Sinterklaas passed through a rainbow with his boat".[2] This effort was widely criticized in the media.


BigAssBelle said...

i am so not into christmas this year. i don't know what has happened to my 15-year-long obsession with it. i don't really care, but it seems that i should.

eric3000 said...

Happy belated Sinterklaas, Ms. Place! I forgot to put out my wooden clogs!