Dec 12, 2007

Project Runway: The Revolving Door

What a great, fun, loopy, upredictable/sad/happy Project Runway episode.

First, due to a serious staph infection, Jack's lip swelled up to twice its size and he opted to leave the show to take care of his health. Jack was such a sweet, generous and collaborative guy, and not bad on the eye either. We'll all miss him.

But then we were treated to a happy surprise. Chris returned to complete Jack's challenge, and sadness turned into joy. Chris worked through the night, only to complete a pretty bizarre costume. Once again he stood in the bottom three in front of the judges. Dayum!

Creating an outfit that I liked for once, the always self-assured, self-anointed, snippy, and snipy Christian managed to squeak ahead of Kevin for first place. As the judges proclaimed Christian the winner, you could almost hear him say, "I deserved this above all the other Bitches."

Meet Sister Mary Margaret Ave Maria in an outfit that Steven slapped together with glue and a prayer. The moment Steven saw the wedding dress that he was supposed to redesign, he rebelled, hating the dress, the fabric, the lace, and the seed pearls. For his lack of vision, and for making a young woman who lost an enormous amount of weight look old-fashioned and dowdy, he was aufed.

Even though this week's challenge was fierce, as Christian would say, we lost two wonderful designers in the process. Bye Jack and Steven, we'll miss you.

Thank God Chris returned to save the day!


becca said...

This challenge was better than last week, but Steven gone? Steven? Noooooo.

Doralong said...

It's NYC- like they couldn't have gotten the man a doctor for crying out loud? Perhaps he still would have had to go, but really!

At least this episode was worth staying up for and the challenge was finally something interesting!

Ricky in heels- priceless, absolutely priceless. I kept waiting for him to break out in a chorus of "I feel pretty, oh so pretty.."

potty mouth princess said...

Slap a poke bonnet on Steve's poor model and she'd fit in at the Salem Witch Trials.

PS: I just got to type "zoinks" as my word verification. I deserve a Scooby Snack.

eric3000 said...

Yeah, this episode was an emotional rollercoaster

BigAssBelle said...

because i think of steven as a kansas farm boy (he looks so much like my cousins), i was a little disgusted with him for his snottiness about the fabric of the woman's wedding dress. her wedding dress, for ciminy's sake. get over yourself steven. and the dress. ass.

CHRIS!! yay!!