Jul 14, 2009

Who Will Champion Vick's Dogs?

I suppose I am finding a new focus for this blog, more proactive on behalf of animals and our environment, more political, and less silly. I read the comments on this Michael Vick article, some of which turned my stomach. I wonder about the callous attitude of a person who can write that Michael Vick killed a dog, "So what?"

He did not kill a dog; he and his entourage killed scores of dogs. In addition, Vick and his cohort trained loyal pitbulls to become active killers for the disgusting sport of dog fighting. These traumatized dogs would do anything for their handlers - even put themselves in mortal danger and extreme pain - to please them. It is not in their nature to fight each other - it IS in their nature to live in a pack and to obey pack rules. A losing dog in its natural environment will roll over and give up, and the victor will stop fighting without going in for the kill. These dogs were trained to keep going.

If these dogs did not live up to their killer potential, Vick's group killed them. If they won, they lived to fight (and suffer) another day. That's the thanks they got. The commentor's casual attitude towardsthe killing and abuse of these suffering pitbulls is appalling. He wasn't the only one. Many people commenting about Vick's return to football failed to empathize with the canines and had a so-what attitude. Like Vick, they only had their eyes on the prize, in this case, watching Vick play pro football again.

I have yet to meet a pitbull I haven't liked. Beautiful, magnificent animals, their reputation has suffered as a group because of their loyalty and desire to please and do anything for their callous owners. Shame on us for taking advantage of their decent natures. Am I a pitbull owner? No. My dog is a small terrier. But I would choose a pitbull for a companion over a Michael Vick or his cohort any day. Thankfully, some of the Vick pitbulls were saved through the efforts of trainers in Dogtown. A few actually found loving homes and are living the happy life they deserve.

Frankly, if Vick never played football again it would be too soon. Who the hell cares if he's talented.


Anonymous said...

I'm with you. I know there is a lot of argument both for and against Vick and I suppose some people are looking beyond his actions, but I just cannot do the same. Dog fighting as a whole is a horrific crime and something that I personally think anyone who is caught and charged with participating in should be forced to endure an equally horrifying punishment as the dogs they trained. I too have never met an aggressive pit bull and sometimes don’t understand all the fear behind this breed. Instead of blaming the breed, people need to realize that it is the owner and the way the owner raises and trains the dog that will set the temperament and actions of that dog.

Anonymous said...

He admitted on 60 Minutes it's something he's done since he was 8 years old. His vicious and careless attitude towards living things has been ingrained into him. He mentioned he should have said "no" to some people, for the sake of everything else-including football-but NOT for the memories of bloody dogs fighting to death or killed by amateurs if they didn't. He's afraid of going back to the lifestyle he was raised in. Well, in prison he showed he could hold a $12.00 an hour job...that will keep him in my bracket, just barely enough, but no iPhones...