Jul 10, 2009

Margaret and Helen: Two not so sweet lil' ol ladies

I pray to God that my mind will stay as sharp as Helen's when I get to be in my 80's. No person could have analyzed Sarah Palin's quitting as governor better than her.

These gems came out of the mouth of a grand retired babe:

"My God that woman is an idiot. I have said this before, but I feel the need to say it again. Her problems did not come because the media was against her. Her problems come because every time you stick a microphone in front of her mouth a whole lot of stupid falls out."

"The time to step down would have been back when the older daughter was knocked up and needed a little privacy. The time to have stepped down would have been when the special needs child was a newborn and needed some peace and quiet at home with the family."

"Freedom from government is her battle cry until a vagina gets involved and then watch how much involvement she wants. Show me a woman who is making a private medical decision to end a pregnancy and I’ll show you a Palin screaming for more government involvement."

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Big Fella said...

As a blogger, I wish I were Helen. Sharp as a tack, able to get her point across while she and her readers have fun with it.