Dec 23, 2008

Christmas Sweater Winners

The other night a friend and I were strolling down the tony part of Monument Ave and walked past a mansion that was hosting a lah dee dah party. The chubby hostess wore an ugly Christmas Sweater, prompting my friend to say, "A good income does not necessarily translate into good taste."

Ah, Christmas, a time of ugly sweaters at parties. Here's a twist on the Christmas sweater: Bliss certainly had a unique take on a time honored tradition last year.

Stuff White People Like also features ugly Christmas Sweaters. I rather liked this blog until I realized it was one long ad for a book. Meh. In one year this blog racked up 51 million hits. Jealous much, Vic? Yeah. This post is funnier: Fugly Ass Christmas Sweater of the Day.

Best Tacky Christmas Sweater gets my vote for pix with really ugly sweaters in 'Ode to the Joyously Ugly'.

Epically Ugly Christmas Sweaters offers 34 images of ticky tacky wool jumpers.

Oooooh, don't you just love the Holiday Season?

Image: Colin Firth as Mark Darcy in Bridget Joneses Diary.


Doralong said...

Amazing how many people use the holidays as free license to assault the universe with tacky, isn't it??

eric3000 said...

Ha ha!

Merry Christmas!

aschlos18 said...

I attended an Ugly Christmas sweater party last year and it was one of the best parties I've ever been too!  Ebay and Goodwill have a large selection of Ugly Christmas Sweaters.  Also I found a cool site that has a large selection of ugly Christmas Sweaters...

imthatbentch said...

In regards to the Rudolph "outfit" The only way I know how to say this is.........WHO told you you looked good enough to pull this off???? Victoria secret model....maybe, but NOT YOU! You gave tacky a new meaning....... P.S. Rudolph's nose is not crooked!!!!! LMFAO!!!!!