Dec 3, 2008

Margaret and Helen: Two Little Ol' Ladies with Claws

You just have to love these two little ol' ladies - Margaret and Helen, best friends for over 60 years and counting - and as outspoken and smart as anyone 1/5 their age. Their humble blog has received over a million hits, and why? Because they tell it like it is. Read their posts, then read their readers comments. Hilarious, yet real.

Here's a passage from 28% of Americans Don't Believe Sarah Palin is an Idiot - "That was a hoot. All those people reading my little blog and getting so upset. Who knew there were so many people who still enjoy hearing Palin talk? Then again who knew Palin supporters were smart enough to read? "



Bart said...

They are funny, aren't they, lol?!

Doralong said...

Priceless, absolutely priceless!