Jul 22, 2008

Project Runway 5: Trash Bag Dress - Bin Dere, Done Dat Better

Sew what made Stella think that the trash bag outfit she barely created for the first challenge for Project Runway 5 was in any way original or reflective of her rather banal rocker style? Let's just skip over the whining, complaining, moaning, groaning, and sad sack first impression she made (for that could have been entirely fabricated by Bravo's editing department, but I doubt it) and take a look at the result, shall we? Out of respect for the model, I purposely left the image small, though you can click on it for a fuller view.

The model looks like she's wearing - cheap trash bags. There was hardly any sewing done at all. I used to whip stitch moccasins at summer camp, which is the level of sewing and design evident in this truly horrendous outfit. I suppose I could have forgiven the outfit's lack of structure if Stella had shown even a smidgen of humor. Could Stella, the Queen of Astoria, have pulled this assignment off? You decide after reading the following:

The Dailey Telegraph wrote a scathing review of Kylie Minogue's $38,000 black plastic Dolce and Gabbana "sack'', which they nicknamed a Binogue (far right). The publication challenged three Australian fashion students to come up with better and cheaper designs made from trash bags.

The three dresses cost a total of $3.76. Did their designs compete with Dolce and Gabbana's? Should Stella have taken a page out of these novices design books? You betcha.

Shee-it! Upstaged by students!


Linda Merrill said...

What amazed me, and what nobody seemed to mention was that they had a $75.00 budget. And she bought the cheapest trash bags in the store. She didn't even go with a name brand. What happened to the other $70.00 she was allocated? Inquiring minds want to know!

All I could think of with the challenge was the girls in my local high school drama department who whip themselves up shiny black duct tape dresses and bustiers for opening night - and they all look fabulous and original.

~V.V.~ said...

Funny post! --And I like Stella and her old school, ok, ANCIENT school, ways! LOL!
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