Feb 28, 2008

Someone Got Nair?

I'm all for original point of view and creative design, but, like Tim Gunn, my gag reflex worked on overdrive when I viewed Chris's final Project Runway collection close up. I had no idea he'd used so MUCH human hair. It must have taken 30 Asian women who hadn't seen scissors for over 20 years to supply Chris with his black goth fringe material. Let's hope none of them had dandruff.

While his final collection left something to be desired, I adore Chris the man more than ever. I thought no one could lose more graciously than Sweet P, but Chris managed to do it. His manners are impeccable and his talent with office supplies is stupendous. Chris, you have a future in recycling products.

This time I agree with the judges - despite that seriously ugly coat and those hip bumps sewn into his evening gown, Rami should have won. (Did anyone else get the idea that he is Nina's darling?) At the very least his collection didn't remind me of shrunken heads and voodoo dolls, although why Rami thought women would want to look like Joan of Arc encased in armadillo armor is beyond me. Was it just me or did anyone else think that Rami's beautiful mother resembled Jillian? Just a thought.

And didn't you just adore Christian's little closet, where he sleeps, snips, sips, and creates his fierce collection with such neatness and precision? It looked like he lived inside the cabin of a 44 foot long sailboat! And yet he managed to pull together some spectacular pieces.

As for Jillian - hot collection, hot boyfriend. Where did you get HIM, dahling? Are there any more like him lying around?

Once again Tim Gunn's assessment of everyone's collection was SPOT ON. Monkey House, indeed. The designer who listened most closely to him and made the adjustments will win the competition, mark my words.

At the end of the Finale Part One, Chris was given the Heidi Heave Ho. I shall miss him. But it least he DID get to show his Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Goth collection at Bryant Park.


Library Diva said...

Rami surprised me last night. I've been anti-Rami for several weeks now, having long grown tired of his refusal to do anything other than you-know-what. Wouldn't you know, he actually listened to the judges this time and put together an interesting collection.

The idea of the human hair is really disgusting, but it didn't look disgusting. I liked both collections a great deal, and was sorry to see Chris go.

Of the three remaining, I now want Christian to win. Rami can return to his warm, sunny house and palatial studio, future assured. Jillian can likewise repair to her lovely Manhattan apartment, and although she's quit her job at RL, I'm sure that with her skills, talent, background and experience, she'd enjoy a soft landing.

Christian, however, wants it so bad that he's converted his closet-sized bedroom (in an apartment he probably shares with three other people he doesn't know) to a workroom, and sleeps on a cot he pulls out into the hallway. Of the three still standing, the money and exposure would help him the most. He'll succeed without it, but he'll succeed faster with it, and as Tim Gunn would say, I want him to succeed.

Ms. Place said...

Library Diva, I couldn't have said it better.

Linda Merrill said...

Question - why are we so skeeved out by human hair extensions on clothing, but not when they are attached to our heads? I thought it was great of Chris to push the envelope so much. They always say "Surprise me" and he did. I wished he'd won. Rami is fine and a good finalist as well, but I only liked the one dress that he did - which was - wait for it - draped. Oh well.

mumblesalot (Laura A) said...

"shrunken heads and voodoo dolls" hah

I still have to watch the first half, Dr Tim doing house calls. I just caught the runway show.

cb said...

you know, i NEVER for a second thought the human hair was icky. i just thought it was kind of edgy in a weirdly Victorian way. I liked it. I thought Chris made a gorgeous set of pseudo-Victorian/Goth garments. If I was a billionaire and a model, I'd totally wear that stuff. And I thought the effect of the hair as the models walked was lovely - shimmery and swingy and almost flapper-fringey.

Christian's cupboard-sized apartment and the mattress against the door was - well, after seeing that, I felt great that he won the 10k in the fan favorite. and I have him for the win.

Jillian always has given me the heebie-jeebies. And I'm not crazy about her clothing (except that avant-garde coat. THAT rocked).

Marius said...

Great post, Ms. Place.

And I'm with Linda and cb; Chris really surprised me. As you pointed out, the show has become too predictable. By using human hair, Chris gave us all something to talk about. It was a bold move, and I commend him for it.