Oct 28, 2006

The Skinny On Things

With the recent debates about anorexic models and poor Nicole Ritchie's dramatic weight loss, it's good to be reminded about the way things once were. Back in the days when we didn't live long enough to care about cholesterol and no cameras lurked around to record ten added pounds of unsightly weight, the womanly ideal resembled this robust image of Syrinx (by Rubens and Brueghel.)

I swear to God that after last night's binge, that's exactly how I looked in the mirror this morning.

For more on Rubens and Brueghel, click on this NPR link.


Yasamin said...

if only this was around 1530 ce. i would be considered a goddess!! now im just considered ugly.

boy its amazing how society can give a girl a complex.

Ms. Place said...

Yes. We are beautiful, but our society just doesn't see it. How sick is that?

Yasamin said...

yeah bunch of blind stooges running around deciding what to convince this world as to choosing their beauty reps.

crappy says i. lol this is why my effort making when it comes to losing weight is at the same rate as my effort for going into space lol

Yasamin said...

oh yah... thanks so much for the advice. its was very much appreciated and its good to know that there are those out there who understand why im on the verge of lighting my hair on fire lol

Gorgeous Things said...

There's a great post at Dress A Day about this. It's definitely worth checking out (NAYY):

Ms. Place said...

Great blog, Gorgeous. I've bookmarked the link. Thanx