Jun 30, 2010

Obama and Bush Math

I'm one of those women who encountered problems with math in 8th grade and who was never able to overcome my math disability. But even I know that there is something wrong with this equation:

War in Afghanistan: 50 possible Al Queda terrorists + 94,000 troops= 1 trillion dollars and 1,000 American dead. Civilians not counted in the equation.

Let's do the math. One trillion dollars added to our deficit puts us at owing around 13 trillion dollars. That's $42,283.36 per citizen. And folks, we're putting nothing in our piggy bank.


Big Fella said...

I have been coming to the conclusion that any conflict, anywhere in the world, since World War II, has just been an opportunity for American business interests to make a killing, financially. While the politicians that we elect, from either side of the aisle, who are instruments of business interests, have given our country the reputation of being a world leader in killings, literally.

Meg said...

Totally agree.