Oct 22, 2008

Clean Campaigning from the Obama Camp

I live in Virginia, a battleground state. Tonight I received a sleazy robocall from a canned Rudolph Guiliani tape. You remember him. He's the guy whose son would not endorse him for president because of Guiliani's ugly divorce battle with his ex-wife and blatant in-your-face affair with Judith Nathan. At the same time that the Guiliani tape was wrongly accusing Obama of being soft on crime, I received the following classy e-mail message from Joe Biden, Obama's VP candidate:

Next Wednesday, October 29th, is a perfect night for supporters like you to host a party in your home.

Barack will appear on TV at 8:00 p.m. Eastern for 30 minutes. He'll share a positive message with Americans and discuss his plans for healthcare reform, economic recovery, and a responsible end to the war in Iraq.

Meanwhile, John McCain will continue his negative attacks, inundating swing voters with sleazy "robocalls" -- automated phone calls spreading lies about Barack.

And we need you to help fight back by reaching out to fellow supporters one-on-one and sharing the truth about Barack and his message of change.

Host a Last Call for Change house party next Wednesday. Invite everyone you know to watch Barack's 30-minute presentation and make important phone calls to voters in key battleground states.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to gather with friends and neighbors and make a big difference in this election. Host a Last Call for Change house party on Wednesday, October 29th.

I'd like to tell you we don't have to worry about automated "hate calls," as McCain once called them.

They don't hurt Barack or me. But they hurt Americans by distracting from the issues that matter. And the polls have been narrowing.

That's why it's so important for folks like you to bring together your friends, family, and neighbors to watch Barack and reach out to voters.

You can help supporters find their polling location or simply talk to voters who need to hear the truth about Barack. Just one phone call from you is enough to counteract dozens of these dishonest "robocalls."

Take the lead in your community now and sign up to host a Last Call for Change house party. We'll give you all the guidance you need:


It's up to us to show that this grassroots movement will do what it takes to change politics in America.

Thanks for everything you're doing,


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