Sep 15, 2008

In the Face of a Hurricane: Utter Stupidity and Cruelty

Seen over the blogosphere, this news quote in the aftermath of Hurrican Ike: "One resident had waded through the waters to release two chained dogs that had been left behind."

This begs the question: What sort of brainless morons leave their pets chained or locked, and unable to fend for themselves during a hurricane, for which there was ample warning?

Answer: The meanest sort of human scum, utterly worthless and cruel.

Would it not make sense for those who live in hurricane and tornado country to implant chips in their domestic animals' necks? This would allow them some way of finding their pets if they get separated during a storm. Enough about the pets, what about the selfishness of humans who put rescuers and relief workers at risk with their stubborn insistence on staying put? The article continues:

Hackberry resident Darren East, his shirt soaked, came in on a rescue boat as a pale sun sank across the flooded prairie. "We sat around watching TV and listening to the news, and then we saw the water getting higher and higher," he said. "It was a little hectic."

Seventy-five people remained in Hackberry overnight, joining thousands of others determined to ride out the floods that clung to the Texas-Louisiana border. Attempts to get them out resumed Sunday morning, as rescuers across the region went back to work. The relief effort could last two weeks, said Legle.

In light of what happened in New Orleans three years ago, and to Galveston nearly a century ago, one has to wonder about the sanity of the people who opted to stay behind. WTF were they thinking?

BTW, my dog has a chip implanted in him. Does yours?

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Big Fella said...

Well, if you are a stupid, heartless moron, with a shitty value system, you will abandon the pets in your efforts to save your sorry ass every time. If you are simply a fool trying to ride out the storm on your own, you will either wise up and need help to save your foolish ass, or the process of natural selection will kick in and wipe your foolish ass off the face of the Earth.

I can understand and excuse a foolish decision from someone, after all, I have made plenty of foolish decisions of my own, fortunately none were ultimately fatal, although on reflection, some could have been.

I cannot excuse a selfish, jerk, who would abandon animals that he is responsible for, same type of guy who will abandon his family.